Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ballad of a Sick Day

I have to admit, after many hours of working on this post, I'm a little nervous.  Okay, so I'm a lot nervous.  It seems like one of those ideas you have right when you're falling asleep, and you think it's the greatest idea in the whole world, until you wake up.  My brain works like this constantly, but it won't let an idea die until I do, write, or make whatever it is my brain is so excited about.  It's just, this idea came with pictures.  They are meant to be unflattering, and they do a great job.  But they're of me!  Also, I'm not very great at playing pretend, and I find that I didn't have a lot of reasons to frown and look miserable while at Kristin's house.  In fact, I had a lot of reasons to giggle, including a precious three year old who kept yelling things like, "Gwyndolyn, where's the TARDIS?  Is the TARDIS hiding?"  Anyway, I'm going to stick with this and hope for a good outcome, even if it is a bit silly and unflattering.

Last week, I started to get sick with the worst sore throat I've had in over a year.  Seeing as I'm between doctors, I tried to call a local clinic to speak to a nurse and see about a walk-in appointment.

Receptionist:  Well, we can't let you speak to a nurse if you don't have a doctor here.
Me:  I don't have a doctor anywhere.  What I do have is scarlet fever.
Receptionist:  Oh my.
Me:  Well, it could be worse.  WebMD says it's throat cancer.
Receptionist:  I'm really sorry, but you have to have a doctor to talk to a nurse.
Me:  None of this makes sense.  What if I tell you my symptoms so that we can figure out who I need to see, or how I can get one of these appointments so that I can see a doctor?
Receptionist:  If you don't have a doctor, you can't just make an appointment.
Me:  But this is bad.  I'm hot then I'm cold.  Oh my gosh!
Receptionist:  What?
Me:  I'm a Katy Perry song.
Receptionist:  What?  Are you all right?

A big thank you to Kristin, who helped with the execution of this idea by taking all of the pictures and editing them.  She's the artist behind all of my creative thoughts.


  1. I love it! Love the song. Hate that you are sick. Jan

  2. This is the most ridiculous, awesome thing I have ever seen.